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Heart of the City 2nd Annual Talent Festival 2005

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Get Involved

Volunteers & Performers

Volunteers are very important to make this festival a success!  We are looking for volunteers in a wide range of areas.  Check in Contact Us to email or call Judith about how you can volunteer!

Criteria For Playing at the Heart of the City Music Festival:
Any individual or band who would like to audition for the festival must be able to demonstrate a meaningful connection to Edmonton's city centre. Who does this include?
  ~ Residents of the city centre.
  ~ People who work in the city centre.
  ~ Members of organizations with offices in the city centre.
  ~ For bands, 50% of band members must meet the residency requirement.
Auditioning for the Festival
Auditions will be held on:
Tuesday April 6th from 6 to 9 pm
Saturday April 17th from 5 to 9 pm
The gym of Sacred Heart School
9624-108 Avenue
Spaces are limited (call Roy @ (780) 474-9887 to book an audition)
Equipment for Auditions
A P.A. and a microphone will be provided at the auditions.  Any other equipment is the responsibility of each musician auditioning for the festival.

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